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You may have noticed some changes in a few of the pages and the links. A good portion of the old Continuum Worlds has been added as the Continuum Worlds Archive.  Chip Caroon's DCM: The Merging, which was at one time a separate website before being sucked I mean joining...the Continuum Worlds has been split off to once again be a separate entitiy. Chip now has access to all of his old stories and is already in the process of updating and even contemplating new material!
You might have also noticed that much of the material that was available in A Myriad of Worlds is no longer there. That material originally came from the Continuum Worlds and is now back where it The Continuum Worlds Archive.  There is a lot of material there so it will take time to establish all the links....but a good portion is already ready for your head on over and enjoy!


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