Welcome to Voyages of Imagination

The site is brand spanking new so there is not much here.  I have, however, cobbled together some odds and ends that should do for now. 

For as long as I remember, I have wanted to write.  I have written a great many short stories and a lot of fan-fiction over the decades.  No, other than the fan-fic, none have been published and many of the short stories (written with pen and paper..GASP!!!) are forever lost. 

Nevertheless, I continue to write.  I could really care less if I actually publish anything since I don't write for a living but rather as a hobby (and a way to calm nerves.)
Until (and a BIG IF) I decide to publish for money, I will post any Original fiction I write here (whether it be Science Fiction (usually Space Opera), Fantasy, or Super-Heroic).

While originally intended to be a place for my own personal original fiction, WE (meaning the founders of the Continuum Worlds Fan-Fiction website), have decided to utilize this site OUR original fiction.  Each writer (myself, Ella, and Jake) will have our own places here.... while Ella and Jake will continue to post any fan-fiction they write on the Continuum Worlds site while I will continue to play as web master for the Continuum Worlds but I will be placing my fan-fiction in the new Myriad of Worlds (link in the Menu to the left).

This site is currently under massive construction....so be patient :)