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Welcome to my Voyages of Imagination

For as long as I remember, I have wanted to write.  I have written a great many short stories and a lot of fan-fiction over the decades.  No, other than the fan-fic, none have been published and many of the short stories (written with pen and paper..GASP!!!) are forever lost.

Until I created this site, most of my fan-fiction had been confined to the Continuum Worlds (as both writer and Web Master) and somewhat to  While I will continue to contribute to, most of my attention will now focus on this site!

I could really care less if I actually publish anything since I don't write for a living but rather as a hobby (and a way to calm nerves.)

This site will be split into two separate sections: Worlds of Wonder (Original Fiction) and A Myriad of Worlds (Fan Fiction).

Until (and a BIG Unlikely IF) I decide to publish for money, I will post any Original fiction I write here (whether it be Science Fiction (usually Space Opera), Fantasy, or Super-Heroic).

While I have included links to most of my previously written Fan-fiction in A Myriad of Worlds, I will be focusing primarily on new material. (Those concepts that had their origins at the Continuum Worlds will be posted both here and there.)

As I said, writing for me is a hobby, whether it be Original of Fan fiction.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.


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