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As stated in a previous article, the Old Continuum Worlds, from which much of my fan-fiction came (indeed the only stories that pre-date the Continuum Worlds are my Rebirth and early Otherverse stories!) no longer exists. I have spoken to the others involved with the Continuum Worlds and have informed them of my decision to recreate an archive-only version of the Continuum Worlds here. 

This may take some time as I rework the different components to better fit with this site. 
I had inititally thought to simply add the different components to the already existing frame work. After some thought, I decided that the Continuum Worlds deserves a section of its own, with both the Multiverse and the Otherverse restored to their respective positions within the Continuum Worlds. 
There is still some discussion concerning a possible future venture (maybe the NEW Continuum Worlds?).  I will not be involved in that endeavor but I wish them all the luck and will be more than happy to announce it and provide links when that endeavor becomes reality. 

Until then, feel free to enjoy over 20 years of material when I complete The Continuum Worlds Archive!


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