The Continuum Worlds Archives and DCM: The Merging

Oh what a journey we've had.

A question that has been frequently asked is 'How did this all start?' and depending on what aspect you want to refer to, you will get very different answers. I mean, did it all start with Siegel and Shuster in 1938? Maybe. Perhaps with Otto Binder in 1959 with the introduction of Supergirl? Could be. What about in 1985 with the introduction of Crisis on Infinite Earths? Not quite. For us, it all began in Missouri in 1999.

You see there was this guy by the name of Dylan Clearbrook, who wrote a story. Now as controversial as this story was, it had an amazing affect. It inspired. It inspired Dylan to write another, then another. But the truly amazing thing was the vision he had inspired others and they too added their ideas and words to his. Writers such as Michael Liebhart and Jason Gasper helped flesh out that fledgling idea and forged it into Otherverse.

Then, a crisis hit the Otherverse. In March of 2001, two more people joined the conglomeration: Eldric and Jake. Why was it terrible? Because they brought a little too much to the table. Some would say overly aggressive expansion of the story had swollen it to the breaking point, so later in 2001, the combined writers officially decided to split. Not split up, simply split the storyline. Eldric forged a path into Alterverse, Dylan into the Multiverse, while Jake continued with Otherverse. Other writers would join and fade away, even more trying their hand for a short time before moving on to greener pastures. But two more intrepid souls joined our crew: Chip Caroon, the founder and writer of DCM, and Hipkarma, who contributed words and stories and helped to refine our individual visions and wording.

If only things had been so easy.

We tried to keep ties together by writing crossovers, brainstorming ideas as a group, even having passionate face to face arguments a couple of times. But as time grew and we got older, the cracks began to show. Personal issues that had nothing to do with the Continuum Worlds caused divisions. The team had to face and accept Eldric’s unwelcome truth, that Eldric was actually Ella. Conflict increased as we delved into other realms having little to do with the stories of the Continuum Worlds. Anger grew to resentment and slowly we all went our separate ways.

Until now.

Since rejoining the Continuum Worlds in 2014, Jake has been bound and determined to keep going. And quietly, slowly...he tended that original flame Dylan Clearbrook had lit so many years prior. And then it happened. In the beginning of 2023 Ella rekindled the conversation. Chip awoke from his slumber and said 'Hi'...and against all odds, Dylan walked in. The four pillars of the Continuum Worlds reunited and started talking about the Continuum Worlds and its future. Though not as unified as we once were, none of us were willing to see the accomplishments of our joint past fade to nothingness.

We do not know where we will go from here. Dylan (Clay) has resumed a role as webmaster for this venture, Ella intends on starting a new literary world, Chip reviving DCM (Which we have split off from the Archives to make access easier), and Jake now writing Otherverse as a webcomic. And even Hipkarma is looking in, watching our next steps forward. But for the first time in far too long, we are talking together. And the dream, though altered by time and personalities, continues.

Let your journey start here or become reacquainted with stories of the past in the Continuum Worlds Archive

We hope you enjoy.

Jake, Ella, Chip, & Dylan


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